What’s in Your Tampon?

Periods are, and always will be taboo to some of us. (Especially you male species) We have come a long way with menstrual hygiene. From using wool, to rags, to cotton, and finally in 1929- the tampon was invented. Sadly enough, some countries still don’t have the education, or means to access a hygienic way to manage their periods. Here is a TED Talk discussing the struggle many women are still facing today when it comes to having a healthy period.

Luckily, in the U.S. we have access to a multitude of options to help us manage our monthly time effectively. Since I have decided to live a green life, I have been buying organic cotton tampons. However, last week I was in a hurry and at Wal-Mart cashing a check, so I just ran and grabbed the cheapest tampons I could find. I was absolutely shocked to find out what toxic ingredients were in the tampons I bought; that millions of American women are being exposed to every single month. As soon as I realized what were in the tampons I bought, I threw them away- and decided to do a little experiment and check out what is in the main brands of tampons you find at your local drug or grocery store. Below are my findings, with the ingredients circled:






U by Kotex didn’t even have the ingredients listed on the package, and that’s never a good sign!

The most popular ingredients in all of these brands are Rayon and Polyester. 

 Rayon is derived from Cellulose of wood pulp. Cellulose is made using toxic chemical processes. Rayon is essentially treated with three different chemical processes that are toxic to the heart, skin and nervous system.

The next toxic ingredient in all of these brands is Polyester. Polyester is one of the worst materials to wear, let alone stick inside your body. It is a fabric that is chemically made. It emits phytoestrogens that disrupt endocrine, and has been linked to cancer, and many other skin problems in scientific studies. Polyester is also a huge pollutant to the environment. It releases harmful chemicals, and it doesn’t disintegrate.

 So, what should you do? 

Make the switch to organic cotton tampons! I have been using the brand Organyc. Their tampons are made with 100% organic cotton, and that’s it! I get them here in Texas from H-E-B. You can also order them online. They work great, but unfortunately only offer cardboard applicators. The Honest Company offers organic cotton tampons with bio-plastic applicators. (I just haven’t tried them yet)

Let us know if you try any other brands of organic tampons, and tell us what works best for you!

-♡ A

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