Devita Vegan Moisture Tint

This vegan, tinted moisturizer is perfect for summer. It’s hydrating and offers protection from harsh UV rays.  It’s infused with Aloe Vera, Iron Oxides, and Pomegranate to help nourish, and protect our skin. Another ingredient in this moisturizer, that makes it stand out from the rest is- Japanese Green Tea. Japanese Green Tea is filled with antioxidants to help protect from UV rays and heal existing sun damage.

I have been wearing this tinted moisturizer, with Physician’s Formula Powder for the past week, and absolutely love it. I decided to try it out on Madison, and the results are below:

Before:                                                                      After: 


As you can tell, this vegan moisturizer works to conceal blemishes, and to control excess oil, and redness. All while leaving your skin soft and smooth. I got mine in my monthly Good Being box. You can also get the full size here. If you want to protect your skin, while maintaining a natural, healthy glow; I’d highly recommend. Let us know if you tried it and what you think!

-♡ A

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