Vintage Cherry Romper

I’m currently drooling over the lace sleeves and red trim on this romper. I’ve never seen a piece quite like it.

sween shots 10
Photo by: Sween Shots

I paired the romper with Queen Bee lipstick, winged eyeliner by Physicians Formula, and these fair trade shoes. I was also really proud of the victory rolls that I learned via this YouTube tutorial.

sween shots 13
Photo by: Sween Shots

Considering that I am 5’10”, rompers usually aren’t long enough. However, this one is an exception, because it fits perfectly.

Photo by: Sween Shots

This 1950 replica is snug in all of the right places. Everything about it is classically unique.

I purchased this romper from Retropolis in Houston, Texas. They have a very broad and adorable selection of vintage goodies.

Definitely pay them a visit, if you’re ever in Houston. ♥


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